The World Health Organization, a bureaucratic abomination that, by bestowing so huge as unearned remunerations, is only meant to mock and exploit the taxpayers of the world, laid down that homeopathy does not work and does not produce any beneficial effect (cf. WikipediA, s.v. "omeopatia"). The same source goes on to say that all the studies done have found that homeopathy does not exceed in efficiency the simple placebo effect, and as icing on the cake, also brings into question the judiciary, citing the case of a TV conductor who in 2003 was acquitted of libel for having stated during a TV programme that "homeopathy is not a serious thing" (ibid.).
Let us start with the TV conductor. We remember that programme—at that time we had to watch television, which for many years we got rid of—and what most caught our attention were not the words, fruit of ignorance, but rather the body and facial expressions: it seemed that from eyes and gestures a dense cloud of bitterness filled with hatred and venom was expanding, like ectoplasm from the neck of a medium, so much so that we wondered which traumatic experience that poor man had lived because of homeopathy. Then, that memory was placed in the archives. Some time later, while being with an acquaintance who loved to keep the television turned on, we happened to see the same TV conductor being busy with a group of singers, one of which was reputed to possess the so-called "absolute pitch." The TV conductor wanted to test him. He sat at the piano and struck a key: which is the note? The answer was quick, quiet and accurate. Another note and another correct answer. At that point we noticed that both the eyes and facial expressions of the TV conductor were about to change. Let us try two notes at the same time: the "candidate" kept calm and gave back a quick answer, quiet and accurate. The TV conductor, even though he wanted to flaunt the contrary, began to stiffen and, almost with a desire to inflict a resounding humiliation on the singer, he played a rather complex chord: without waiting for any request, the singer showed off one after another the names of all the notes of which the chord was made. It was then that we remembered the cloud above, because we saw something like around the figure of the TV conductor. It was a consolation, because we understood that the cause of the first cloud was not homeopathy. Obviously we cannot scientifically document the incident and the Reader will have to trust, if he feels like, of our senses.
In any case, no evidence could convince a servant of Science, because Science is a goddess, whose cult demands a destroyer fundamentalism. The faithful worshipers of the new Olympus have no desire to know, but only to annihilate all those who do not bow down to worship the new gods, more specifically the new divine couple, formed by the god Money, who has replaced Jupiter, and his wife Science, who has supplanted Juno. Together, these new gods have introduced in their worship whims and crimes that would embarrass Jupiter himself, who, as for bizarre appetites, was second to none.
And this is not a mere fantasy, as the evidence abound. You find the most evident of them on the back of the $ 1 bill, where you read: In God we trust, which means In (this) God we trust, that is the dollar, of which the god Money is the parousia more tangible. Obviously, a court of respect surrounds the divine couple: Disjustice, Corruption, Slander, Poison (which has replaced the old dear Discordia, that of the golden apple), Dishonesty, Factiousness & Co.
In conclusion, dear Reader, if you happen to hear anyone talking crap about homeopathy, you have two possibilities: either you tell him: “Get stuffed!”, or, a better solution indeed, you consider him a necessary burden...

The homeopathic principle, i.e. the law of similars developed by Hahnemann, is not an invention of Hahnemann, but of the school of Cos. In chapter 42 of the treaty de locis in homine, of which the editors do not give a completely satisfying text, the author, who, if he is not Hippocrates, however, belongs to the school of Cos, suggests various ways to eliminate pain: "An another way is this: [if we consider that] the disease occurs as a result of similar agents (διὰ τὰ ὅμοια), taking similar agents (διὰ τὰ ὅμοια προσφερόμενα) the health comes back from sickness; for example, the same agent (τὸ αὐτὸ) that causes a stranguria that was not there, eliminates it when it is there; and the same goes for coughing: like a stranguria it arises and stops by the same agents (ὑπὸ τῶν αὐτῶν)» (cf. Hipp., Des lieux dans l'homme, 6,334 [Littré]; 42,2 p. 72 [Joly]). We are still far from homeopathy, but the principle is already clearly expressed.

Our modest contribution to homeopathy is to offer our Readers a reissue of a work of a great homeopath. The reasons are detailed in our Foreword.

Alexis Espanet, Traité méthodique et pratique de matière médicale et de thérapeutique, Nouvelle Édition par Franco Luigi Viero, octobre 2014.

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