Science versus Knowledge

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In these pages, we should like to collect without any strict principle various texts with the intention of showing that modern science sets itself against knowledge. In other words, modern science does not want any knowledge spreads around; even better, modern science aims stifling it anyhow.

We want to uncover somehow both the pharisaic conception, which is at the bottom of modern science, and the inquisitorial methods, which its backers turn to for supporting and imposing it.

In modern democracies the right to the freedom of thought ought to be an acquired one. Most people think so. But reality is quite different; in fact, in the most advanced democracies you can witness a fierce persecution of those people who express opinions conflicting with the system, and this is made by the most underhand methods safe from any publicity.

Now, at the beginning of the third millennium, all political systems subtend a clearly plutocratic conception, which determines both nature and quality of any relationship, whatever it is: from private, personal relationships to political, public ones. This is valid without any difference (the differences regard exclusively the application methods) both for the so-called left-wing systems and the so-called right ones.

Well, modern science in supporting such plutocratic conception plays the leading role.

If all this were not detrimental to life's quality of individuals, our observations might rightly be deemed unnecessary. However, individuals who express opinions or disseminate information held dangerous—not for the so-called morals (a very complex issue) but for the ruling economic power—are silenced by any means, which usually encroach upon any rights up to a fatal solution, if necessary.

The intricate links, through which an opinion or information turns “dangerous”, are so that there is not any opinion or information, which is free from such a risk. And, it is absolutely unimportant if that opinion or information is based on personal intuition, documented reports or scientific data. Scientific? Yes, because modern science, which is subservient to higher, that is plutocratic authorities, if necessary disowns itself too.

But how could they subdue milliards of people?—may ask someone. Up to a certain point it seemed that the simple, violent and indiscriminate repression was enough. But later, with the increase in population, other means began to be necessary. You may divide these means into three main groups: 1. Compulsory medical treatments. 2. Television (with its continuously bombarding advertising). 3. The use of drugs (apparently illegal). These means, initially independent, are now interdependent: one supports the other. In recent decades a fourth one has been added: a targeted administration of justice with the aim—by quibbling laws and contrary to all common sense and by the contribution of scientific discoveries settled as needed—at depressing and wearing out the honest people, allowing any form of crime to grow, swell and spread.

Well, the masses—poisoned by the compulsory medical treatments (and not only), dazed by the bombarding advertising, and beguiled by the false way-out the drugs represent—may be kept at bay. Whoever wants to escape these constraints, jeopardizes the quality of his own life, not before, however, he had eluded the devious traps set in place by religious sects, Satanic cults, self-styled Masonic lodges, and any other kind of confraternity, organization, association, group, club, league, gang, order, consortium, faction, corporation, etc. etc.

Still, in all this the role played by modern science is not only important, but also absolute. In modern languages, in fact, the words “science” and “scientific” are used to seal the absolute. In all domains.

Certainly we have no intention of changing the world: we cannot do it. We only need one reader succeeds in seeing it as it is.





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