Chopin suffocated for a second time.

AT Chopin's bedside were certainly present his sister Ludwika, Solange, Kwiatkowski (the author of the pencil drawing above), the sinister figure of Jełowicki, Gutmann and Dr. Cruveilhier. Gutmann supported the dying man to allow him to breathe at least a little

It was not a quiet death, but one tormented not only by suffocation (probably due to severe hypercapnia), but also by the criminal behaviour of Abbot Jełowicki. “Poor boy, he died as a martyr,” wrote Pauline Viardot, “through priests who forced him to kiss relics for six whole hours until his last breath.”
But to the organizers of the XVIII Chopin Competition this last torture suffered by the dying music genius was not enough and they decided to suffocate him, more than a century and a half after his passing away, a second time. A virtual crime ordered by the puppeteers of the world and performed by Polish executioners, who have no less ruthless colleagues all over the world, in all governments of the world, in all health departments of the world: a gruesome cesspit of psychopaths.

This is how the crime has been reiterated: with an abominable mask (which causes hypercapnia!)!

More than recitals, these are desolate recordings!

Now, since all the world's governments know perfectly well that there is no pandemic plague—in Italy, for example, the Asl (Local Health Authorities) oblige doctors and undertakers to treat all corpse as dead because of the phantom virus (see the anonymous testimonies on the Internet, as long as they have not been deleted...); not only that, those who openly disagree (a right guaranteed by the Italian Constitution) are forced to be treated with compulsory health care—the organizers of the XVIII Chopin Competition have put a curse on themselves, whose consequences they ignore: the Chopin Competition is over!

Do those who bought the ticket really believe that in October 2021 they will be able to attend the competition live? Poor fools!

© Franco Luigi Viero