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Even though this section of our site is devoted to a free gathering of astrological material, - that is to say, a collection with no special layout - we wish to point out that audiences enjoying disposable horoscopes or that sort of astrologizing babble unbecoming indeed, are not going to find here anything soliciting their interest. We are intending to offer space to both theoretic and technical questions - related to teaching and practice - together with extracts from ancient works never or erroneously translated, besides contemporary contributions of consequence.
Our preferences are going to be addressed to the recovery of the art (τέχνη) as it was being performed in ancient times - within of course the limits of knowledge witnessed by documents handed down to us through the ages. Nevetheless, one should not expect from us any arrogant or intolerant attitude; everything that may help the recovering of this divine art will be most welcome. Hence, we do not want to qualify the "genre" of astrology we are going to consider. Some would define "classical" that sort of astrology handed down to us through texts in ancient Greek, but this is a wrong and deviating qualification, as "classical" astrology does not at all exist. Nor can we talk about "Greek" astrology: the Greek idiom used by most of the ancient astrologers we know of, such as Claudius Ptolemy and Vettius Valens, is a language that has nothing to do with the classic period and its classic art. Ptolemy, who was born and lived in Egypt, writes in a Greek that is to classic Greek waht American English used in scientific reviews is to Shakespearean English; whilst Vettius Valens' Greek (he was an Egyptian too) is almost slang.
Astrology, despite its diffusion, its many manifestations, and the constant attention received by its most different worshippers throughout the centuries, is an art of sure Semitic origin, perhaps even Chaldaean, the roots of which date back to a non-Indoeuropean cultural tradition, least of all the Greek one. Who can say whether Adam might have learnt it in his Earthly Paradise?
We are not going to end up this short preamble, without inviting all people who wish to take part in these pages by sending their contribution which consists in presenting us with their own personal experiences.

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