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"A person possessed of the abilities of a Newton, a Bacon, or a Lock, if destitute of a proper genius, will never be an Astrologer. —Astrology is a science not to be acquired; it must be derived from nature, or instinct. —Without a genius for the science, it is in vain to attempt it. The Astrologer looks round on nature, and on life, with the eye which the God of nature bestows on Poets, Painters and Physiognomists. Experience, is not always the mistress of fools.
"Every Astrologer has eleven visible qualities, and one invisible, viz. First, physiological clearness of eye; secondly, comprehension of look and glance; thirdly, openness, without levity; fourthly, secrecy, without craft; fifthly, serenity of countenance, who sees the whole in the parts, and the parts in the whole; sixthly, gravity of deportment; seventhly, firmness, without tyranny; eighthly, humility, without meanness; ninthly, courtesy, without anxiety; tenthly, veracity of intention; eleventhly, punctuality of performance.
"The Astrologer's invisible criterion is instinctive knowledge, or intuition of truth, and which, not preceded by perceptible meditation, is genius. Every genius is a prophet, and every prophet is an Astrologer. Every astrologer has a divine emanation, or celestial adjuvancy. Not only every astrologer, but every hero, every painter and every poet, from the great Alexander, to Dryden, Pope and Titian, for ever.
"When the grandees of Spain saw their monarch take up Titian's pencil, they thought it was a degradation, and which he [scil. Charles V] perceiving, nobly said, I can in a minute make twenty men, all greater than you are, but none, except a God, can make a Titian."

J. C. SNELL, M. D. and P. A. of the City of Norwich (1799).

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